When I first met Perry, I had no idea the level insight and expression he would bring to my business. I am very unfamiliar with tech and the possibilities that could be brought to the day to day processes that occur with my clientele. He studied my business as well as its flow and guided / educated me on how he would streamline things like forms, POS and calendar integration to name a few. He is able to lace art and technology in such a way that every time I sit with a prospective client they comment on the beauty and ease of the wonderful website that Perry created. This has been vital to me because his passion has expressed my life’s work in a way that I could never have expected. I don’t have to feel like a salesman, people come in to meet me just to reinforce that the feel that they experienced from the website is real.
Sifu Keller, Great Way Martial Arts
Kung FuChinese Medicine